Helping people hear one ear at a time

IMG_6179By Becky Holland,

MARSHALL – Roger Garcia moved to Marshall when he was in the ninth grade. His father was in the U.S. Air Force, and moved Roger, his two brothers and mother to Marshall when he accepted a recruiting position nearby.

Roger graduated from Marshall High School, then attended Tyler Junior College, and participated in numerous training courses through the years. He originally went to school to play football, but realized he should pursue something more stable – so he went after his certification as an optical technician.

That’s right, Roger wasn’t always the ‘ear man’ that he is known to be now – i.e. his Puretone Hearing Aid centers are located in Longview, Shreveport and Marshall. Roger is a Hearing Instrument Specialist and is a member of THAA, LSHAS and IHS.

Because of his older cousin in San Antonio, Roger wanted to go to school to be an eye doctor. In fact, it was through his successful career as an optician that he discovered his passion for helping those with hearing impairments. “I would be building the glasses, and a lot of the patients had hearing aids, so we had to figure out how to make them work together,” he said, adding, “so I spent a lot of time experimenting, and making them fit together.” Them being the eyeglasses and hearing aids.

It was through working with his cousin in San Antonio that Roger had the opportunity to meet several well-known Texans – from athletes to singers. One of those famous Texans who has had Roger fix glasses for him is George Strait. Pictures of the country singer, along with Garcia and others, are hanging on the walls in Roger’s office in Marshall. Longtime golfer, Lee Trevino, was helped by Roger’s handiwork as well.
Roger just smiles and says he was just doing what he would do for anyone.

He and his wife, Shawn, also own an event venue called the Red Bull Ranch in Marshall. Weddings, birthdays and reunions have been held out at the venue. The proud father of four, and grandfather lives by the motto of ‘helping people hear ear after ear.’

And that is exactly what he is doing – I know for he has done that for me with placing me with a hearing aid to help my hearing in my right ear.
For more information about the Red Bull Ranch – or Puretone Hearing Aid Center, call 903-927-1111 or visit the website at

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