Harrison County Jail Report: One homeless charged with giving false information, failure to identify

 HARRISON COUNTY, TEXAS – The following incidents were reported by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office:

Deputies responded to a call on April 7 in Longview when a complainant alleged an assault by a boyfriend.

On April 7, an alleged theft of a wallet was reported to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office from a Hallsville resident.

A Hallsville resident’s car was reported as stolen on April 7,

A gun was reported stolen from a residence in Diana on April 7.

Jail Report. The jail report is provided by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office and will list the individual’s name, residence, arrest date, charges and arresting agency.

Deldrine Antwain Trammell, 153 Anderson Lane, Marshall, 04/07.2016, Smith County(Crim. Non Support), Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

Dequavus Jamal Dunn, 303 Lynoak, Marshall, 04/07/2016, Violation of Probation/Forgery Govt./National, Marshall Police Department.

Darnisha Nicole Najed, 687 Cord 4131 N H, Henderson, 04/07/2016, Violation of Probation/Forgery Financial Instrument, Failed to Maintain Financial Responsibility, Speeding (Exceed Prima Facie Limit), Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

Katy Lee Jackson, 2017 S. Green, Longview, 04/07/2016, wanted in Gregg County for possession of controlled substance on three different charges as well as abandoned/endanger child, Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

Nicklos Dewayne George, 2405 Morton, Marshall, 04/07/2016, driving while intoxicated, Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

Joshua Cole Kirkland, 475 CR 1205, Maud, Texas, 04/07/2016, BW/MTA/Theft of property, Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

Robert Luther Willis, homeless, 04/07/2016, failure to identify, giving false information, Marshall Police Department.

Stephanie Marie Neal, 2525 Liberty Lane, Texarkana, 04/07/2016, Cass County/Resist Arrest Search, Cass County Sheriff’s Office.

Maggie Lil Saha, Deans Lane, Hallsville, 04/07/2016, assault causing bodily injury, Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

Tracey Taljour Rosenthal, 2500 East End Blvd., S., Marshall, 04/07/2016, Criminal trespass, Marshall Police Department.

Emilio Moreno Jr., 04/07/2016, driving while intoxicated, open container in vehicle, Texas Department of Public Safety.

Samuel Gonzales Sanchez, Goforth Lot 104, Marshall, 04/07/2016, possession of marijuana, no driver’s license, city ordinance violation, excessive noise, Marshall Police Department.

*Information provided from the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office. If there is an error in spelling or other information, please provide corrected official documentation from the HCSO and email/text editor@pineywoods.news.No phone calls will be accepted.

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