Hallsville gets new services from Fidelity

From Digital Journal

Fidelity Communications announced earlier this year they would be offering a new full-service voice solution for residential customers in Hallsville, Texas. In a press release on Digital Journal, the new service was explained.

The new voice service, MAXLine residential, normally sells for $19.99 per month, but Fidelity is offering a promotion for new customers priced at $15 per month for the first six months. That price includes unlimited local calls plus unlimited long distance.

MAXLine also includes Voicemail and basic features like Call Waiting, Caller ID Name and Number, Three-Way Calling, Anonymous Call Rejection, Automatic Callback, Call Forwarding, Call Return, Last Number Redial, Do Not Disturb, Speed Dial 100 and many more.

Advanced features like BroadWorks Anywhere and CommPilot Express are also part of the MAXLine service. BroadWorks Anywhere extends Fidelity voice service so customers can make and receive calls from any phone. It also allows them to transfer active calls from one phone to another. CommPilot Express gives customers the option to create up to four profiles that control inbound calls. For example, calls may be sent to voicemail or forwarded to another number, or they may be automatically set to ring another phone number.

The majority of available call features are managed via the Web portal (www.myfidphone.com) or via star (*) codes using a touch-tone phone. A Quick Start guide is available to help customers easily use these features and navigate the portal.

A more detailed, longer-form User Guide is also available on Fidelity’s Web site, www.fidelitycommunications.com. It includes star codes along with more information about all features. The Quick Start User Guide is also posted, as well as a link to the www.myfidphone.com portal.

For more information, contact the Fidelity Business Office in Marshall at (903) 938-1302.

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