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January 18, 2022

Hallsvile Unit of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines is hosting its annual Giddyup and Go 10k

The Hallsvile Unit of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines is hosting its annual Giddyup and Go 10k, the official race of Western Days, on Saturday October 1. Registrations and check in begin at 7:30 with the race going off at 8:30.

The cost is $25 per racer online, $20 without a shirt, and $15 for anyone 18 and under.

The race will begin at the Club which is located on School and Willow by the bus barn.

This year will be a bit different than previous years. First, the race is a 10k as opposed to a 5k. “There are a lot of 5k’s out there.” said Executive Director Bryan Partee. “We were told from some runners that there are not enough longer runs. And of course warrior runs are the thing.”

The reference to the warrior run refers to the run’s subtitle “the cheaters race”. Throughout the course, there will be warrior-like mini-challenges. These challenges could include eating 5 slices of pizza to dumping a bucket of slime on your head. ALL CHALLENGES ARE OPTIONAL. In return for doing the challenge, the runner gets to take a short cut on the route, or “cheat”.

“We just wanted to do something fun, to make our run a little different than other runs. The cheating part is all in fun and of course we are not encouraging cheating (wink wink). It’s just a name. I mean, call it the ‘free will’ run if you would like.” added Partee.

There will be five opportunities for runners to take short cuts, with the harder challenges cutting off more mileage. If runners do take all five challenges, the 10k will be about 6k.

All proceeds go to the Hallsville Unit. Runners can sign up online at www.BeGreatHallsville.com.

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