Faculty, staff, students, community members and members of the MISD Board of Trustees gathered for the ground-breaking ceremony at David Crockett Elementary School

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Groundbreaking ceremonies held at MISD schools

By Jonathan McCarty, Special Contributor
13250469_10153831205230000_811809260_nMARSHALL – I was a student at David Crockett Elementary School over two decades ago. I know you are saying, ‘But Jonathan, you aren’t that old!’ And it’s true. I’m not. But, my point it, there are people who were not even alive yet when I was going to school there. In fact, the big, disconnected, gymnasium on the school grounds was not there for most of by attendance.
The ‘Class of ’92’ and I were the first class to actually use that gym. I have fond memories of having gym class indoors in the physical school building, and getting to run around on the playground. But, that gym saw a lot of use it’s opening year. And, I know that it has ever since then as well. Our big thing was jump rope contests, as I recall.
So, today, when I went back to my old elementary school, I wasn’t so surprised at it. The school looks mostly the same as it did. There are some new sections of fence, and now a covered walkway down to the gym. But, that’s about it. At least on the outside.
The inside, however, that’s vastly different. Not just because I am so much older, and taller. But, because the students have changed,

Photo by Jonathan McCarty
Photos by Jonathan McCarty

as have the teachers and support staff. The people who walk those halls today are people who I graduated high school with. The students there are the kids of some of those people as well.

Times change. People move on. But you can always hold on to those memories. And, as I said, I remember my time at the school very fondly. Which is why I am happy to have added another memory at David Crockett today.
This morning at 10 a.m., there was a groundbreaking ceremony at David Crockett. This was the third such ceremony today. There were others at William B. Travis,

Photos by Jonathan McCarty
Photos by Jonathan McCarty

Price T. Young, and the site of the new Marshall Junior High School.

Last year, the voters of our city decided in favor of building these new schools. We made an investment in our future by putting the needs of children at the forefront.
13233389_10153831205185000_532481451_nSo, next fall, new students will come to Crockett, Travis, Young, and -hopefully- MJHS, and walk new halls. New memories will be made by those students. And, one day, hopefully, they will be able to come back as adults and have the chance to remark on their time there as I am now.
I’m proud of our school district. And, I am proud of our city. The Legacy groundbreaking ceremonies this morning are a sign of our pride in our city, and in ourselves.
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