Gohmert: This Orwellian Oligarchy Has Got To Stop Before August

Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01) joined Stuart Varney on Fox Business and discussed tax reform and healthcare efforts in Congress and the Senate. He stressed the need to do both these before August.


He commented on the disaster which is Obamacare and noted, “It is not so much that it is bureaucrats deciding what is best for you. It is bureaucrats rationing health care and deciding, — well, you have had a good life – or maybe you don’t have a chance of much more of a life, so you won’t get help. But, this person over here may do something great … It is government deciding who will contribute more to society. So therefore, who gets the treatment. It is where it goes when you get into this Orwellian oligarchy. It has got to stop and has got to stop before August.”

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