Gohmert on Gun Measure: We are rewarding illegal, unruly behavior – that’s wrong!

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) spoke to Ashley Webster, in for Stuart Varney, on Fox Business and weighed in on the gun measure that will be brought to the House Floor. He noted that bringing this bill to the floor is rewarding bad behavior (ie: House Democrats breaking rules during the House Sit-In).


“Unless you get to the heart of the problem – and that is: the failure of the administration to enforce our border, to enforce our visa laws and to enforce the gun laws that exist … then you’re not going to deal with the problem.”


“We were promised [by House Leadership] that there will be severe consequences for what the Democrats are doing, and – now we see the consequences are, ‘we are going to give you a vote like you asked for … that’s not what I consider severe consequences. We are rewarding illegal, unruly behavior. That’s wrong.”

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