Everything you need to know about Whole Foods Market Shreveport

Store opens: Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016
1380 East 70th Street, Shreveport, LA 71105
Telephone: (318) 462-9895

Store open seven days a week: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

About the store, your community gathering space

At 39,000 square feet, this location represents the company’s first entry into Shreveport and seventh Whole Foods Market in Louisiana. Whether you’re hungry for better or simply want to explore new foods and flavors, we offer a place for you to shop where quality and value go hand in hand. Our standards prohibit the use of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, sweeteners or hydrogenated fats in any food we sell.

We are proud to be a part of the local community and develop ongoing partnerships that are important to our neighbors. Our stores also host community giving days four times a year where five percent of that day’s net sales are donated to a local nonprofit.

Value and values

We offer hundreds of local products on our shelves from dozens of Louisiana suppliers.

  • Doodley Dee’s Farm
  • Star Nursery
  • Pleasant Acres Farm
  • Good Granoly
  • Monjuni’s
  • Davey’s Treasures
  • Rhino Coffee (beans and cold brew)
  • Cool Brew
  • French Truck (beans and cold brew)
  • Reve (coffee beans)
  • Café du Monde
  • Community
  • River Road Coffee
  • French Market
  • Jennings Apiaries
  • Hummer and Son (packaged and in bulk)
  • Bee Hippie (uses Hummer and Son beeswax)
  • Camellia Beans
  • Acalli Chocolate
  • Dirty Potato Chips
  • Hanley’s Dressing
  • Inglewood Farm Pecan Oil
  • Kinloch Plantation Pecan Oil
  • Tabasco
  • Crystal
  • Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce
  • Three Brothers Farm Cane Syrup and Cane Sugar
  • Taylormade Kale Chips
  • Swamp Pop
  • Magoun’s Kitchen
  • Nuccio’s Olive Salad
  • Southern Art
  • Delightful Palate
  • Sucre
  • Big Easy Bucha
  • KenChaux Rice
  • Bayou Soap
  • Cake Face Soaping
  • Edwardo’s Secret Salsa
  • Evamor
  • Gulf Coast seafood
  • Great Raft
  • Abita Brewery
  • New Orleans Brewing Company
  • Covington Brewhouse
  • Bayou Teche
  • Tin Roof Brewing Co.
  • Parish Brewing
  • Chafunkta Brewing Co.
  • Red River Brewery
  • Flying Heart Brewing
  • Tony Chachere’s
  • Slap Ya Mamma


 Find hundreds of organic items throughout the store.

 The GAP 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating system lets you know where the meat comes from and how the animal was raised.

 Sustainability ratings for our wild-caught and farm-raised seafood make responsible choices easy.

 We feature over 2,000 items on sale every week. In addition, our weekly sales flyer highlights great deals and seasonal favorites. We offer hot one-day sales and bundle deals. Sign up for the e-mail newsletter (wfm.com/newsletters) so you’re always in the know!

 Enjoy additional savings through the Whole Foods Market app to access digital coupons and other special offers.

 Our extensive line of 365 Everyday Value® products ensures the best quality on pantry essentials and everyday items at low prices.

Personalized guest service

 Our butchers and fishmongers will custom cut, season, steam, fillet or portion your order for free. Just ask!

 We can special order any item, or order your favorites by the case with a 10% case discount.

 Hosting a party? Our experts can suggest wine pairings or slice any of our cheeses to order so you get the exact amount you need and stay within your budget.

 Shoppers can enjoy complimentary ice to protect items for the ride home.

Department highlights

 Custom gift baskets and gift cards from Whole Foods Market and other retailers.

 More than 140 organic produce items.

 Local and Whole Trade Guarantee fruits and vegetables.

 Fresh cut fruit and vegetables, including fall oven-ready options.

 Fresh salsa and guacamole made in house.

 Freshly squeezed juice.

 More than 40 cut flowers, potted plants and arrangements in addition to seasonal items such as Christmas trees. For each Christmas tree sold, Whole Foods Market will replant a tree through community partner American Forests, which is the oldest, national nonprofit conservation organization advocating for the protection and expansion of America’s Forests since 1875. Through their Global ReLeaf program, they have planted more than 45 million trees since 1990.

 Full service coffee, juice and smoothie bar with 16 oz. options for expedited service, featuring Allegro coffee which sources only specialty grade coffee and pays our farming partners a fair price that exceeds their cost of production so they can reinvest in their farms, hire and retain the best workers, and grow a strong business.

 Packaged coffee from six Louisiana roasters, including French Truck, Reve, River Road, Community, Café Du Monde, and French Market.

 Expanded grass-fed dairy options including milk, butter, and yogurt.

 All 365 Everyday Value® eggs come from hens that have been fed non-GMO verified feed.

 Extensive lines of meat and cheese alternatives.

 Expanded fermented, pickle and kimchi set.

 Full range of bulk offerings including flours, nuts, dried fruit, cereals, trail mixes, honey, candy, and more.

 Over 2,600 Non-GMO and Organic items!

 Household cleaner Eco Scale Rating System which provides full ingredient disclosure, environmental awareness and third party verification on over 120 items.

 Our baby food aisle is non-GMO and/or certified organic.

 Louisiana proud! We feature an extensive selection of Louisiana products from locally roasted coffee to locally brewed beer and everything in between.

 Fully vetted foods free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and hydrogenated fats in addition to progressive Non-GMO policies.

 Premium Body Care products which prohibit more than 400 unacceptable ingredients and take into consideration results, sourcing, safety and environmental impact. Many of our 365 Everyday Value® products meet these standards at a value price.

 Hand-crafted soaps.

 Large selection of Whole Foods Market supplements made without artificial colors, fillers or binders.

 Beautiful selection of holiday hand soaps, candles, lip balms and many other items that have been scrutinized and vetted to offer clean, high quality alternatives.

 In store Seafood Smokehouse with custom smoking available.

 Full-service seafood shop with experienced Fishmongers ready to help prepare your fish any way you would like it. We fillet, butterfly, debone whole fish, peel and devein shrimp, season, and grill or steam your fish for FREE!

 Fresh Louisiana Gulf Coast seafood varieties delivered dock to store.

 Wide variety of ready to cook seafood items including crab cakes, seafood burgers, and marinated fish.

 Local Step 4-rated pasture roaming chickens.

 Air-chilled chicken, which results in no water retention.

 Dorper lamb raised for meat instead of a wool industry by-product.

 Local Step 4-rated pasture raised beef.

 In house market made sausages.

 Regional favorites like Padrino’s tamales which are perfect for entertaining.

 Baby cake program featuring our unique options such as Cranberry Orange, Berry Chantilly and Chai flavors.

 Cookie bar offering 48 choices of cookies, including seasonal, international and flavored.

 Fruit pies baked fresh in store daily, made with cane sugar and free of artificial flavors, modified starches and hydrogenated oils.

 Step-rated rotisserie chicken for $7.99 — Purchase two and save $2!

 Grab food on the go! We offer ready-to-eat selections including, sushi, pizza, hot food bar, salad bar with organic options, sandwiches, new Family Meals for Four program and more.

 Hot bar with local and holiday favorites including seasonal sides Apple Cider Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallow and Pecans; Fried Brussels Sprouts with Prosciutto, Blue Cheese and Maple Pecans; and Sweet Potato Crunch.

 11 varieties of hot soups.

 Over 200 hundred cheeses from all over the world with many exclusive to Whole Foods Market that are hand-cut and wrapped in house. Our team can cut to order so you get the exact desired amount. Cheese experts are available to help with recommendations and pairings.

 “King of Cheese” Parmigiano Reggiano that is aged for 24 months and hand-selected by our Global Cheese buyer.

 36’ of beer, including extensive craft beer and local selection.

 500 wines, introducing exciting private label wines such as Criterion and Globerati to the Shreveport market for the first time. Enjoy a 10% discount when you purchase wine by the case!

Green features

 We work closely with our design teams to source environmentally responsible construction materials that reduce virgin material use and solid waste volumes.

 Daltile tile used in kitchen, food preparation areas and restrooms contains pre-consumer recycled content.

 Architectural Ceramics tile is Ecolabel Certified reducing its lifecycle environmental impact.

 Reclaimed wood used throughout the store helps reduce the impact on clear-cutting of the natural environment. Most notable is the “Joskes wood” throughout the store on walls and soffits, reclaimed from a San Antonio department store built in 1888 called Joske’s.

 The wood used in this store originally came from the forests around Lake Charles in Calcasieu Parish or Louisiana.

 Electric vehicle charging stations will be available for use by guests and team members.

 The store offers bike racks to support our cyclist community.

 100 percent of all paint, adhesives and sealants used throughout the store are low in volatile organic compounds.

 HVAC units and the lighting panels are used to monitor and track electricity usage. This data is used to identify energy wasting behavior, potential equipment damage and plan for more efficient systems in future stores.

 Lighting energy consumption is reduced through the installation of automatic lighting controls, such as: occupancy sensors, an astronomical time clock, programmed time functions that turn off the lights in the “back of house” areas when the rooms are unoccupied. Additionally, the lighting design allows for sales floor general lighting to respond to natural daylight from skylights and some lights in the sales floor area during daytime hours.

 Energy efficient LED lamps installed throughout the majority of the store reduce the energy consumption of the electric lighting system.

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