Escaped convict captured in Tennessee

Florida escaped convict, Michael Rotunno, was captured in Paris, Tennessee on April7, 2016 after he was spotted at a motel in a stolen vehicle from Hallsville, Texas.
The series of events is unfolding and it appears that Rotunno made an escape from Florida law enforcement officers while being transferred to a penitentiary in Florida for convictions in that state. He allegedly used a stolen vehicle from Mississippi to make his way to the Longview, Texas area where he abandoned the vehicle, and submerged it in a small lake. Another vehicle was reported stolen from Rader’s funeral home in Longview, Texas, near the lake, and it was discovered in an area North of Hallsville on April 7. At approximately 6:30 AM on April 7, 2016, a vehicle was discovered missing near the location of the abandoned stolen funeral home vehicle that had been located. The owner of the vehicle stated to Harrison County deputies that he had left the keys in the work truck and credit cards were also in the vehicle. While the credit cards were being reported stolen, it was discovered that a credit card belonging to the company had been used in West Monroe, Louisiana to purchase fuel on Thursday morning.
Tennessee law enforcement was given information on April 7, by an informant in Tennessee, that Rotunno may be in the Paris, Tennessee area and was then spotted at a motel in Paris in the vehicle stolen in Harrison County. Law enforcement officers gave chase to him after he attempted to escape and he was shortly captured by a K-9 and other officers.
Rotunno was taken to a local hospital for treatment of the dog bite and is now in custody in Tennessee on multiple charges.

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