Either way, America wins

I can see the steam pouring out of your ears after reading such a salacious headline.  Ardent Trump supporters are cringing at the thought of a Clinton victory.  How can we “make America great again” with another Clinton in the White House, they think.  Fervent Clinton backers can’t possibly imagine the thought of living under a Trump administration.  

So just what do I mean when I say “either way, America wins?”

The Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians are set to meet in Major League Baseball’s World Series beginning tonight and if my beloved Rangers—whose epic exit from this year’s playoffs race was just sickening—can’t make it through a series against those pesky Blue Jays, then I can’t think of any two teams I would rather see compete for baseball’s ultimate prize.  

Both teams bring with them to the Series a history of success but most people associate these teams with failure.  The Cubs have won the World Series twice in 1907 and 1908 and have lost it eight times.  The Indians have a 2-3 record in the Fall Classic having won it all in 1920 and 1948 and losing it in 1954, 1995 and 1997.  Chicago and Cleveland have been the laughing stock of the League for years because of their inability to win a World Series.  By all accounts, avid baseball fans would say that both teams are “due” for a championship and that’s why America will end up being the victors this post-season.  So whether you’re a baseball fan or not, I encourage you to tune in this year in particular because you will actually be witnessing history no matter which team ends up winning.

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