Have you ever taken a car trip that seemed like it would never end?  No matter where you go, construction and detours are waiting for you along the way. The promise of a pleasant and fast journey to our destination is soon replaced by the harsh reality of modern day travel. While the shortest route between 2 points is a straight line, few people will ever actually take such a route. Imagine you are driving up a large mountain. The road ahead will wind its’ way around until you reach the top.  I personally have never taken a trip where the road travels straight from the bottom to the summit. Yes, a cable car or lift will take you directly to the top, but a price must be paid for this privilege.

The majority of us will find ourselves on the winding road to our final goal. Very few are actually willing to pay the price for the straight and direct path.  Unexpected curves and detours await us. This knowledge will keep you focused on the goal and stop you from abandoning the trip altogether.  On the road to optimal wellness you will be detoured! Missed a day of exercise?  Gone to a restaurant and ordered what you wanted and not what was healthy for you? Let someone or a situation get you angry? These events are not unexpected. Get back on the path!  Taken that detour? Get back on the path! Find yourself heading in the wrong direction? Get back on the path!

The road to health very rarely will go as planned. Resist the temptation to camp at the detour’s destination. Get up! Get on the road! Keeping heading in the right direction.  Continue on your way to good health.

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