Email response from Michael MItchell to the Piney Woods News.

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Commissioner responds to ‘no-confidence’


Editorial Note– As mentioned in article submitted via the MPOA, an invitation was given to Commissioner Michael Mitchell via email by the Piney Woods News. He was given an opportunity to respond to the Marshall Police Officers’ Association’s ‘vote of no confidence’ passed June 7.  Mitchell submitted his response by email.


“From: Michael L Mitchell <>
Date: Tue, Jun 7, 2016 at 10:58 PM
Subject: Re: Invitation
To: Becky Holland <>

Good Evening, Ms Holland,

This is exactly why I said, “They need to hold training.”  This is an example of what citizens are going through, and that’s retaliation.

It’s happening at our jobs, in our streets, look at me… I’ve supported ‘No Colors No Labels,’ ‘Coffee with the Chief,’  the ceremonies honoring fallen officers, gatherings at our local parks sponsored by MPD, new officer ceremonies and  visited  the County Jail.

For any individual that feels they have no room to grow has lost bases with reality. We all have room to grow and improve the quality of life for ourselves and the community around us.

I stand behind our men and women in blue.

District 2
Commissioner Mitchell”

Editor’s Note: Email questions  have been submitted to Mayor Neal, City Manager Lisa Agnor and Police Chief Jesus Eddie Campa as well in regards to this situation. Upon hearing back from them, we will publish their responses as is.

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