Commission candidate names Ronald Reagan as an influence.

13016764_10153762307765000_713913996_oFrom Staff Reports,

MARSHALL – When asked who his political influences were, Jonathan McCarty, 33, candidate for the District 7 Marshall City Commissioner seat, said, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

Why did he choose each? “ Thomas Jefferson, for his vision of what democracy is; Abraham Lincoln for his ability to bring people together and create change for the future; Theodore Roosevelt for his efforts in conservation of history and the natural beauty of the world around him; and for his ability to enact great change; Franklin Roosevelt for his steadfastness in the face of adversity; John F. Kennedy for his desire to see people accomplish goals ‘not because they are easy, but because they are hard;’ Jimmy Carter for his humbleness, compassion, and desire to help everyone in need; and, Ronald Reagan for his vision of the future,” McCarty explained his choices.

McCarty took for him influences’ examples when he decided to throw his hat in the political ring. “I decided to run because I believe in change for the city. I believe in it growing, and I believe in its progress. I think that the work being done by our current commission is admirable, and I would like to see their work continue to help push the city into the future.”

Things that he believes that need to be addressed in the city include infrastructure. “We have a lot of basic infrastructure needs that have to be addressed. On the surface, that is primarily streets and buildings. But, that also includes needs for the police and fire departments, as well. I would also like to see our city become more prosperous, and would like to work with the other commissioners in ideas to help bring business, big or small, to Marshall,” he said.

McCarty continued, “We also have a need for housing as well, since we have young families, retirees and especially veterans.”

He believes he is very qualified to bring something essential to the ‘table’ as a commissioner. “I’ve been called a ‘true servant’ before. I have a willingness to work with others, and a desire to bring about change. I’m very empathetic and understanding, and I feel that especially by listening to what the needs of the people around me are; I would be able to help accomplish the work that the city needs.”

McCarty continued, “I am an honest, and fairly straightforward person. I mentioned before how I have been called a ‘true servant’ before, and I think hat deserves a little bit of an explanation.”

“In the past, I worked a lot to preserve cemeteries, especially local ones, as well as restoring headstones and grave markers. I’ve also done some work in preservation of buildings both local and national. The reason for that is because I realize that if we don’t have an understanding of where we have been, we won’t find where we are going,” McCarty said, adding, “But, I also consider myself an instrument of change, so to speak. I have put time/effort/money into charitable foundations to help find cures for diseases, like AIDS, various cancers, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, muscular dystrophy and others.”

He said, “I have also helped raise money for the World War II and Korean War memorials, the Veteran’s Administration, homeless shelters, victims of natural disasters, war, and domestic violence. I have also made charitable contributions to groups such as UNICEF, the World Wildlife Foundation, and many others. I believe very heavily in giving back to not just my community, but to those in need. I am also a member of a group dedicated to bringing about free and fair elections in the United States by ending the practice of bought and paid for politicians. I feel that the government should represent the will of the people, not the other way around.”

Election is May 7, and early voting begins this Friday.

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