With the agreement to give some money toward a building made by Marshall City Commissioners, the question is where the rest of the money will come from.

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Citizens offer opinions on commission decision on animal shelter

Citizens may be asked to make private donations to help a city animal shelter to be built, as will the county government. (DC Photography Photo)
Citizens may be asked to make private donations to help a city animal shelter to be built, as will the county government. (DC Photography Photo)

From Staff Reports, editor@pineywoods.news

MARSHALL – A Facebook question was posted  by Piney Woods News Editor Becky Holland concerning what the citizens felt about the decision of the Marshall City Commissioners to allocate $400 thousand for a new animal shelter.

As mentioned in a previous article, a proposed plan for a new shelter was estimated at $600 thousand plus. City staff felt that $480 thousand plus would be a better number to go with after researching the costs of recently built animal shelters in other cities.

Opinions varied.

Jonathan McCarty, a candidate for Marshall City Commission, said, “I think that it is a step in the right direction. However, given what I have seen of the plan for the new shelter, I agree with the holding to the estimated cost. To me, personally, it is better to estimate a higher cost and then wind up spending less, than the opposite. But, it’s good to see that it was voted on, and that Marshall can be improved upon.”

“It is a YES! I don’t see why we have to wait until January to start. I was under the impression that the city has the funds now to build the new shelter – but will not use them,” Amy Owen questioned.

Mara Hartsell said, “Our town made progress tonight mostly because of the large push from our community. I’m happy that this has finally been agreed upon, and I’m more optimistic about animal welfare in Marshall than I was. Nevertheless, I do hope that people realize 400 thousand is a modest amount compared to other initiatives. I hope that this project will be completed in a timely manner given that lives are at stake, and that Marshall leaders continue to think deeply about the conditions of animals in the city. A new building is the first step of many.”

David B. McCarty said, “It is a start. I am proud that the commissioners made the first step.”

“Where is the ‘people’ shelter? I’m all for the animals, but what do we have for humans … Just wondering?” Tim Huff asked.

Lee A Disotell said, “Even people not in the construction business know that projects nowadays rarely come in below budget. It looks like Marshall residents are going to have to cough up at least another $500 thousand to finish the shelter. This is just another hidden tax. The money is there but some want it spent on projects outside the scope and responsibility of city government. Public Safety should be top priority.”

“It is a start,” Teresa Hartsell said, “and that is what counts.”

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