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September 27, 2020


Update from SWEPCO – 4pm 5/30/17

As of 4 pm today, SWEPCO has restored power to approximately 74,000 customers, down from a peak of 103,000 customers after Sunday’s storm. Approximately 29,000 customers remain without power. Sunday night’s storm packed winds of up to 60 miles per hour and downed power lines and trees across SWEPCO’s East Texas and Louisiana service territory.

“Fugitive Friday”-Tom McPherson Jr.

Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa and the Marshall Police Department are seeking the community’s assistance in helping us locate one of our agency’s most wanted fugitives. MPD is seeking any information related to location of Tom McPherson Jr. McPherson may also go by the alias of John Zorn Jr. or Reese McPherson. McPherson is wanted on

Confessions of a baseball mom

By Brandon Sheffield, smilehallsville.wordpress.com HALLSVILLE – CRACK! Everyone has heard the sound above! You know the sound a bat makes when the ball hits the sweet part of the bat. Sending the ball through the air like a missile shot from a cannon! And all though most of us have heard that sound at least

The one and only Kyle Plunk of Hallsville

By Brandon Sheffield, smilehallsville.wordpress.com HALLSVILLE – On any given Friday night, if you head down to Bobcat stadium the chances of you seeing Kyle Plunk on the sideline is about 100 percent! That doesn’t mean he is on our side of the field though, you might find him with the cheerleaders or on the other

Stand up for your local law enforcement agencies

By Becky Holland, editor@pineywoods.news Members of law enforcement are consistently in the media today – and it is not always good. Law enforcement officers from police departments to sheriff’s deputies to state patrol officers are blamed for crime, racism and negativism that plagues the world we live in. Thanks to social media, stuff like that

TxDOT to demolish bridge in Hallsville

By Marcus Sandifer, Texas Department of Transportation ATLANTA — Work crews will be demolishing the existing FM 450 bridge over I-20 Sunday night south of Hallsville. This will require the closing of both I-20 and FM 450 to through-traffic. The road closures will begin at 5 p.m. onSunday, May 22, and should be back open

Marshall native and co-owner of Neely’s on Grand died at home

By Becky Holland, editor@pineywoods.news MARSHALL – Legendary Basketball Coach John Wooden once said, “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” That was something that Marshall native and one of the owners of Neely’s on Grand

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