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12803270_579787722172330_8937762915997631832_nMARSHALL – The Piney Woods News attempted to contact each of the candidates for political office in Marshall, Hallsville and other areas that the PWN covers via emails and social media.  As we understand the candidates have busy schedules, we submitted questions to two candidates via email.. One of whom responded to our questions earlier in the week.

Larry Hurta, candidate for District 6 for the Marshall City Commission, submitted a copy of a statement he made to KMHT FM 103.9 as his schedule had not permitted him time to answer our questions.

Due to length, below is part of Mr. Hurta’s statement as submitted to the Piney Woods News via Facebook.

“My name is Larry Hurta, and I’m asking for your support and for your vote to elect me to the Marshall City commission district 6. I care about the future of our city and region, and want to be a part of helping to build its future.”

The statement continued, “I would like to tell you a little about my background and how that will relate to my work on the commission. I have been fortunate enough to invest my last 25 years in Marshall. During this time, the Lord has blessed me with an incredible wife and six children. Marshall is our hometown. I went to college on an academic and athletic scholarship and graduated magma cum laude from Ouachita Baptist University. I received a bachelors of science degree with a major in biology and minor in chemistry.”

“For the last 19 years I’ve owned a small business in East Texas. As a small business owner, I understand the impact a well-run city has in order to develop economic growth and to create jobs,” Hurta’s statement  said.

“With every decision that is made at the commission, I will be looking at the impact our policies and practices will have on every business and job in our community. Shortly after college, I worked for a remodeling and construction company for seven years. At the company, I worked every position from general worker to project bidding and planning, all the way to construction manager. These positions taught me the importance of wise planning to develop a good structure, and to have an excellent finished product,” Hurta’s statement read.

“My knowledge gained through building and maintenance project experience will be a benefit to this city. After construction I worked as a high school science teacher and tennis coach at Longview and Marshall. I received my state certification to teach physics, chemistry and biology. My experience as a teacher, will help me take complex city problems and be able to break those down so that our citizens and tax payers are more informed on what is happening in our local government,” The statement from Hurta continued.

The statement read, “ Also, through teaching in our community, I have unique ties to our young adults and will bring a fresh perspective on how to get them more active and engaged in our city government. Marshall is a city that was established in 1845, and because of that there is a great deal of aging infrastructure that needs to be repaired and replaced. On the commission, I would like to see a master plan developed and funds allocated in order to get our water, sewer, and streets repaired, replaced, and revitalized. These are major components to any city.”

“Without these foundational city services in place, economic growth is weakened, the police or fire department have difficulty keeping our city safe, and no tax payer or citizen can easily function or travel in their community. It is imperative that the city works on infrastructure projects yearly, and I will deliberately help bring this change,” Hurta’s statement continued.

“Marshall is turning the corner toward a new season, it is time for us to look forward to what we are to become. We must let go of things that have held us back, and realize the potential stored inside our great city,” Hurta’s statement concluded.

Early voting starts this week, and election day is May 7.

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