Candidate for district 7 wants to see Marshall grow

By Becky Holland

MARSHALL – Signs are all over the city, specifically in district seven which is on the east side of the rural community, asking voters to elect Doug Lewis.

DouglewisLewis, 33, is married and a father of one child. He is vice-president at Lewis Engineering – a business that has been in his family for several generations. A graduate of Marshall High School and Texas A&M, Lewis decided to run for the office of Marshall city commissioner.

“My family is here, our business is here and my daughter is here. We have got 40 employees,” he said. “I have a vested interest in seeing this community grow.”

Lewis said, “I see a lot of positive momentum going with changes, and I would like to be a part of keeping that momentum going.”  He pointed the most recent upgrades to the city streets and the remodeling at the old city hall building.

“I can’t want to see the renovation completed there, and I am very interested in our park. I take my daughter to the park, and I would like to see a park on the east side which everyone can enjoy,” Lewis said.

With his experience in industry and project management, Lewis believes he could be a big help as a commissioner.

“Marshall has a lot of needs,” Lewis said. “We just need some prioritizing of those needs.” He sees the current infrastructure as a top need, and then renovation to the library and the parks next. As per the animal shelter which is a hot topic, Lewis agrees that the shelter has some needs. “I am not sure we need a $2 million dollar shelter, but I think we can do some renovation within our means to the shelter.”

As per who he is, Lewis said, “I am from here, I was born here, I have business here, my family is here, and I go to church here.”

Election day is May 7. Early voting starts next week.

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