Banded Together

Communities are often brought together by their local schools. Adjoining school districts of similar size develop athletic and other rivalries over time mostly in the good spirit of competition. The school districts of Elysian Fields and Waskom have developed such a rivalry. The two communities are separated by nine miles easily traveled on Texas Farm to Market road 9. The annual football contest is called by some the Battle of FM 9. The game is always sold out and spirited. The game in Waskom this October 7 was no different in that regard. But there was a difference this year thanks to the bands.

Each band came marching out before the game. The difference this year is that they marched out together. Not at the same time from other ends of the stadium to their own assigned bleachers, but in step. Side-by-side. The Waskom band was decked out in Maroon, white and black. The Yellow Jacket band in Orange, white, and black. The drum lines alternated marching cadence. When the Yellow Jacket band finished a cadence, the Wildcats picked right up without losing a beat. The marching was unified.

Then the bands formed together on the track behind the north end zone of Wildcat Stadium and treated the standing room only crowd to a mini concert. It was beautiful. It was spirited, It was musically well-done. All the fans were unified by the amazing talents of the high school bands performing as one, big community ensemble. Banded together: by the bands! Well done.

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