5 Simple Tips on Burning More Calories Faster on the Treadmill

A well-known fact is that walking helps in burning calories and a treadmill is a faster and convenient way to do so. It gives you the same benefits as if you were outdoors, only that you are in the comfort of your home or a gym. A treadmill will give you the precise amount of calories before and after every workout. How much you loose greatly depends on how long you exercise in each session. There are five simple yet helpful tips one can use while on the treadmill;

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1. A proper treadmill is key:

One that has multiple functions such as a calorie estimator. This function is important as it gives you the exact calorie count. This way you know how much further you need to go to achieve your weight goal. The incline and decline function helps to intensify your workout session. A plug-in for your entertainment such as music comes in handy as it makes the workout fun and takes you away from the intensity the exercise is having on your body. A water bottle holder and a nook to hang your towel is an important function as well.  When purchasing a treadmill for your home, consider the fact that there are collapsible treadmills available in the market. This is a great function when it comes to storage where there isn’t much room available.

2. Pace Setting:

To begin, always start slowly by walking. This pace serves as a warm-up and gradually helps increase your heart rate which is key. You can gradually pick up the pace to a light but steady, brisk walk then to a jog. It is advisable to maintain this pace for about 20– 30 minutes or according to your comfort level.

3. Running and Breathing:

Once your heart rate is up, increase your speed to a run. This pace can be very tedious, and you will notice that your breathing becomes labored. You must maintain a proper running posture and breathe through your nose. This way you have more control, and you will not suffer shortness of breath or dizziness. Continues this pace for up to 30 minutes.

4. The Incline/ Decline function:

Pace yourself by slowing down with about 5-minute interval between your run. Intensify your workout by simultaneously inclining or declining the treadmill to a comfortable angle. A 15% to a 20% incline is advisable. However, you can incline further, but at a safer speed.

5. Your Weight Goal and Diet Plan:

Having a reasonable weight loss goal is important to help you stay focused. You may feel the need to speed up the weight loss by over exercising per session. This is not advisable. You will suffer fatigue or worse. Have a set exercise schedule and stick to it. Keeping a workout journal also helps when you want to keep track of your progress.

Above all, maintain a proper healthy diet. Consult a dietician if possible and research on other ways to keep fit. Remember to stay hydrated at all times and have fun with your workout.

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