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February 20, 2019

Archives for June 16, 2016

Pets: The dog that saved me from the snake

By Becky Holland, thecrazymuttink@gmail.com Special to the Piney Woods News Susan Wilson has authored three of my favorite books – and they all focus on relationships with people, and people and their dogs – sort of. Her last one is called, “The Dog Who Saved Me.” To capture a quick image of the story :

Marshall Fire Department promotes four

From Marshall Fire Department   The Marshall Fire Department recognized several of its firefighters with promotions recently. Dwight Nixon was promoted to first class firefighter on June 8, 2016. Nixon’s start date with MFD was June 8, 2015. He received his paramedic certificate in March 2016. Jordy Gaddis was promoted to first class firefighter June

Confessions of a baseball mom

By Brandon Sheffield, smilehallsville.wordpress.com HALLSVILLE – CRACK! Everyone has heard the sound above! You know the sound a bat makes when the ball hits the sweet part of the bat. Sending the ball through the air like a missile shot from a cannon! And all though most of us have heard that sound at least