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February 20, 2019

Archives for June 11, 2016

Marshall rehab facility born out of woman’s jail ministry

By Becky Holland, pineywoodsnews@yahoo.com MARSHALL – ‘From Bondage To Freedom House in Marshall’ is a second chance home for referrals from rehab centers, detox centers, halfway houses, local judges, probation officers and parole officers in the Ark-La-Tex area. According to Marilyn Philips, executive director, “We also accept walk-ins, probationers and CPS cases. Our program is

Twelve Way Foundation director says volunteers are welcome

By Becky Holland, pineywoodsnews@yahoo.com MARSHALL – The Twelve Way Foundation in Marshall has a simple but profound purpose. From the website, www.twelveway.org, the mission statement is as follows: “Twelve Way Foundation is a faith based, non-profit organization providing a residential, Christ centered recovery program and support services to men seeking recovery from addiction to alcohol